Body Life overview

Here at Gathering Pointe Church, our mission statement is to “Know God, Bless the World.” That mission extents to every ministry in our church including our Growth Groups. Community is cultivated by being committed to gathering in smaller groups so that we can live out the responsibilities we have to one another and to God. The responsibilities of our community are defined by our three distinctives; that is being Transformational, Relational, and Missional.

Transformational: Because our desire is to see life-change occur, our Growth Groups are focused around teaching of the Word of God and prayer. By studying and applying God’s truth together we can hold each other accountable and encourage one another on to good works and spiritual growth so that we can in a deeper sense “Know God”. 

Relational: We believe that relationships have a huge impact on our spiritual growth. As we grow closer together relationally, we are able to better care for each other during hard times and rejoice with each other during the blessed times. Relationships are the crucible in which we apply what God has been teaching and grow during times of tension as well as peace. By coming together in smaller groups, relationships are formed and strengthened, and intimacy is discovered so that we can more faithfully “Know God, bless the world”.

Missional: Being missional is simply intentionally living a life that is out-ward focused in order to share the Good News of our Lord Jesus. Our Life Groups will incorporate this into the fabric of every group.  Growth Groups meet weekly or bi-weekly in homes, restaurants, or any other place where people can gather and share life together. People can come together in groups based on life stages or circumstances, as mens or ladies groups, or as multi-generational groups.

Please keep reading below for our current opportunities to get engaged with a Gathering Group, contact Pastor Ross.

Women's Gathering Group

New Gathering Groups coming in September.

For more information, contact Lisa Johnson.

Men's Growth Groups

New Gathering Groups will be forming in September.

Contact Pastor Ross for details.