GPC Staff & Leadership

The staff and leadership here at Gathering Pointe Church is comprised of men and women who love, 

care and pray for every single person in the church. 

If you have any questions for any of our staff, feel free to reach out and email them. 

You can contact the church office at

  • Ross Johnson (Lead Pastor)

    Ross' family: married to Lisa

    Children: Xavier Trey, Zephaniah David, Ezekiel Lavern

    Ross' passions: my family, Christ's Church, Nebraska football, Sunlake football, South Pasco Predator football

    Ross' heroes: The apostle Peter, my dad, former Maranatha College head football coach Terry Price

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  • Luke Wilson (Worship Leader)

    Luke's family:  Wife Michele

    Children:  Aaron, Ethan, Katie

    Luke's passions:

    Luke's heroes:

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  • Ben Templeton (Deacon)

    Ben's family:  Married to Angelica

    Children: Evelyn and Isabella

    Ben's passions:

    Ben's heroes:

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  • Will Warkenthien (Deacon)

    Will's family:  Married to Pam

    Children: Amanda, Will jr., and Julie

    Will's passions: teaching the Word and getting on my motorcycle and escaping for some 2-wheel therapy.

    Will's heroes: are those people willing to put themselves out of their comfort zones in order to help, protect, or serve others.

    Connect with Will:

  • Lisa Johnson (Adventure Pointe Kid Director)

    Lisa's family:  husband Ross

    Children: Xavier, Zephaniah, Ezekiel

    Lisa's passions: Her family, watching her boys playing football, reading and going to the beach. 

    Lisa's heroes: Her Dad, Carol Auckland

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