New to GPC?

If this is your first time checking out our site, welcome.  We realize checking out a church for the first time can be a very daunting adventure.  So, we've tried to create a site that will give you as much information as possible.  Should you still have questions, feel free to email us at info@gatheringpointe.com.

But we honestly believe the best way to get a feel for what we're about is to come visit, be our guest, hang out with us a couple of times and see for yourself.

We have coffee and refreshments ready for you at 10AM and music kicks off at 10:30.

Hope to see you this Sunday at Gathering Pointe.

Click here for the google map and directions.

Why We Exist

Gathering Pointe Church exists to lead people to know God and bless the world.  

Gathering Pointe Church accomplishes that mission through three core distinctives:

1.  We desire to be a transformational.  That is,  to see life transformation through the power of the Gospel.

2. We desire to be a relational.  That is, to establish and grow healthy, biblical relationships.

3. We desire to be a missional.  That is, to be the hand and feet of Jesus by showing God's love in practical ways.

In the gospel we meet a God who has acted decisively in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus to redeem and restore people to Himself. Jesus lives the life we could not live, dies the death that we deserve to die, and is raised from the dead and revealed to be the King over all creation. 

This was no arbitrary event in history; it is the decisive moment. The gospel tells the whole story of Biblical history and how God has acted decisively in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus to redeem the world for His glory. Preaching the gospel means showing how Jesus is the fulfillment and goal of every biblical text.